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What service do we provide?
This site is a unique selection of qualified, reputable OEM- and manufacturing companies in the petrochemical-, oil- and gas industry with a global orientation. The Global Vendorlist enables you to get in touch with these companies and their products.
Whether you are into engineering, procurement or projectmanagement, we provide service for every discipline.
Using our advanced searchsystem, enables you to access all information and hotlinks.
How to find the right vendor:
1. Use the left menu to select the required category, (search can assist you to find the correct category)
2. To select the required productgroup within the selected category, use the second menu that comes by clicking a category.
3. If a list of vendors is not presented to you, the product is to be detailed from a subgroup in the new (third) menu that comes at the right of the productgroup.
4. The information will be displayed in the middle of this site.